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Very unexpectedly, the movie then cuts to a blood-smeared Tim Roth alias Mr. Orange lying in the back of a car hand in hand with Harvey Keitel alias Mr. White. Orange is screaming in pain and seems to be on the edge of dying of a gut-shot he just took. Fortunately Mr. White manages to keep him conscious and alive until they arrive in an abandoned warehouse where they meet with Mr. Pink, played by Steve Buscemi.

We learn that the heist has gone terribly wrong and ended up in a shootout with the cops.
One after another the gangsters arrive at the meeting point and try to figure out who set them up, since it is clear that one of them is a rat. Of course this emotionally tightened situation is a perfect medium for Tarantino's intense dialogue with the gangsters shooting words like bullets at each other.

In terms of his writing he said: “People come up to me and say, 'You write great dialogue,' and I feel like a fraud taking credit for it. It's the characters who write the dialogue. I just get them talking and I jot down what they say. To me, dialogue is very, very easy. As long as I care about the people and I know them, they just go off. And that's why my dialogue is about things that don't have anything to do with anything. They'll go off and talk for ten minutes about Pam Grier. Or ten minutes about Madonna, or Coca-Cola, or macaroni and cheese. Like the conversations I have in real life.” [2]


Reservoir Dogs Trailer

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  >> Special Feature "Quentin TARANTINO": Reservoir Dogs: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4