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Reservoir Dogs

1992, directed by Quentin Tarantino

In 1992 a feature film debut of an unknown video clerk called Quentin Tarantino hit the Sundance Film Festival like a thunderstorm. “Reservoir Dogs” turned the festival business upside down and handed its director a career in Hollywood virtually overnight.

The film opens with a bunch of more or less small time crooks discussing the deeper meaning of Madonna's song “Like A Virgin”. Tarantino gives himself, starring as Mr. Brown, enough time to finish his point, he doesn't rush, pacing his opening sequence very slowly and thoroughly.
We see six gangsters sitting around a table having their breakfast and discussing tarantinoesque theories about dicks and tipping before they go to work and rob a jewelry store. It's the last moment of preparation (something like the calm before the storm) and leads up to incredibly cool opening credits with George Bakers “Little Green Bag” playing in the back.

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This first part of the movie really stands for itself, it primarily has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. In an Interview Tarantino states concerning the opening: “That scene doesn't have anything to do with the movie story-wise, but it's a character piece that hopefully you're always dipping back to during the course of the film to help get a bead on some of those guys. I'm offering you little as far as defining those characters except their personalities, and I wanted you to get a glimpse of personality outside this horrible situation in their face in the warehouse. (...) I wanted the characters' personalities to be expressed through the dialogue.” [1] Madonna by-the-way personally signed Tarantino's Erotica Album with the words: “It's about love, not about dick.”

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