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The elegance of Tarantino's dialogue

In a tropical environment the Bride tracks down Bill and their surprisingly alive daughter in Bill's house where she will finish her task and kill him. What is really striking about this final part is the deep eloquence and elegance not only Tarantino's screenplay but also David Carradine's low and laconic voice demonstrate. Bill in combination with his daughter B.B. pretending to be shot by the Bride clearly earns Tarantino a place among the most talented contemporary screenplay writers.

[the Bride sees B.B. for the first time]
B.B.: Freeze, Mommy!
Bill: Bang bang!
[pretends to be shot]
Bill: Oh! She got us, B.B. I'm dying.
B.B.: Oh, I'm dying, I'm dying...
Bill: Fall down, sweetheart. Mommy shot you.
[both fall down and pretend to die]
Bill: [in a narrative tone] But little did Quick-Draw Kiddo know that little B.B. was only playing possum, due to the fact that she was impervious to bullets.
B.B.: [sits up] I am pervious to bullets, Mommy.
Bill: Hey, get back down there. You're playing possum.
[in a narrative tone]
Bill: So, as the smirking killer approached what she thought was a bullet-ridden corpse, that's when little B.B. fired!
[B.B. gets up and pretends to shoot the Bride]
B.B.: Bang bang!
Bill: You're dead, Mommy... so die.
[the Bride is still shocked]
Bill: B.B.
[comes out of it and acts out a huge death scene]
The Bride: Oh, B.B., you got me. I should have known... you are the best.
[collapses to the ground and pretends to die]
B.B.: Oh, Mommy, don't die. I was just playing.
The Bride: I know.
Bill: I told her that you were asleep...but that one day you'd wake up and come back to her. And she asked me, "If Mommy's been asleep since I was born, then how will she know what I look like?" To which I replied, "Because Mommy's been dreaming of you." ....That's what I said.
B.B.: Did you dream of me? I dreamed of you.
The Bride: Every single night, baby. Every single night.
B.B.: I waited a long time for you to wake up, Mommy.

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