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Kill Bill

2003-04, directed by Quentin Tarantino

After a hiatus of six years following the blaxploitation movie Jackie Brown Quentin Tarantino finally returned to the screen in 2003 with an epic revenge flick. “Kill Bill” was released in two volumes due to an enduring runtime of over three hours.

The idea of Kill Bill first came to Tarantino's mind when working together with Uma Thurman on Pulp Fiction where it all started with the character of The Bride alias Beatrix Kiddo with the opening as it's now to be seen in the film: A close-up on the Bride's face all covered in blood and beaten up, dressed in a wedding gown and talking to a man called Bill, who then gives her a headshot despite her pregnancy.

We learn that Kiddo is a former assassin who tried to leave the business and find a place to raise her unborn child. Hence she faked her own death to escape from the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and tries to settle down in Texas. Her former lover Bill tracks her down and finds her marrying some guy called Tommy Plimpton whereupon things get a little out of hand and Bill “overreacts” (as he will later call it explaining it to Kiddo).
Four years later she wakes up in the hospital and is driven by the thought of taking revenge.
She sets up the Death List Five with the name "Bill" on the top of it. Throughout the course of the film she kills her way through that list, at the same time laying out the basic structure of the plot as a revenge movie.
Under the illusion of her baby being dead the Bride hunts down every character on her list, killing one after another till she finally gets to Bill at the end of Volume II.

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