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An Inconvenient Truth

2006, directed by Davis Guggenheim

part of

After having lost the presidential election in 2000 against George W. Bush, Al Gore readjusted his focus on what has been troubling him for a long time: The climate change of our planet.
He started out giving lectures about global warming all around the world.  In the movie (2005) he states to have held the same slideshow over a thousand times. The one in the film is visually enhanced by Duarte Design.
Basically An Inconvenient Truth is a recorded presentation during which the former Vice-President of the USA is explains how the climate change works and what will happen to us if we don’t act. Gore lightens up the occasionally rather dry facts with little jokes and a lively way of presenting.
It makes you familiar with the scientific issue but also humanizes Al Gore himself who is shown as a smart, easy-going and amicable guy.

Similar to the way Michael Moore often brings up his personal life in his movies (especially his hometown Flint, Michigan), this one reaches out to Gore’s sister’s death of lung cancer and the almost-fatal car crash of his son. Fortunately it’s not too much to distract you, it just makes you feel with him and familiarizes a former politician and his life.
All in all the film combines to lines: The main topic of climate change supported by undeniable facts and extracts from Gore’s personal history.
At the box office it grossed 49 million US-Dollars and was awarded an Oscar for the best documentary. Despite all that applause there was also criticism from another side: Some scientists said that the movie doesn’t explain the issue in all its depth and that Gore uses worst case scenarios like the complete melting of West Antarctica, which would take a lot longer time according to the actual state of knowledge.  More over Gore has been criticized for seemingly not adjusting his own lifestyle, not at least because in the movie he’s shown several times on a plane or in a car.

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